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My name Is Jenny Carlson. I am the owner and founder of Monkey Around. I had the vision of renting out carts  recreationally in 2018.  With getting our finances in order and dealing with Covid, Monkey Around was officially created 2021. This was the 1st golf cart rental business on the Island.

I love entertaining people and bringing joy to families. My business is my passion. 

    Our Story

    My husband, Brandon and I have lived on Monkey Island for 8 years. We purchased our 1st cart in 2018. We were one of the 1st people on Monkey Island to own a golf cart that had a sound bar and under glow lights.  

    Golf carts have been Brandon and my passion and hobby. We loved riding around the Island long before a golf cart path was created. Our friends also bought carts and you could always find our garage open, hosting our friends and taking cruises on the carts. We called it, Golf Cart Mafia. My husband always had the vision of taking a regular golf cart and making it a recreational cart with lights, stereos, wheels, and paint jobs. 

    Brandon would spend a lot of his free time installing these on our friends carts. Without my husband, Monkey Around would not have been possible. 

                   Golf Cart Mafia 2018                                                                                                 First Cart 2018 Go Chiefs!! 

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