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Do I need to refill the gas tank after my usage?

NO... Gas is included for all rentals, a full tank will last 150 miles on avg. Please do not put gas in the cart, special additives are used in our fuel. If additional gas is needed, contact us and we will will make arrangements. 

Will I need to purchase additional insurance?

NO... We require our customers sign a waiver stating that the Person renting the cart is responsible for any damages to the cart and/or property. Customers are also required to provide a current copy of their auto insurance and valid drivers license.

I don't live on Monkey Island but I live in a nearby town. Will you come deliver to me?

 NO... We only service the Monkey Island community.

Should I take the cart to the car wash when I am done?

NO... We will have the cart cleaned for the next rental. However, there will be a $100.00 additional charge for carts returned with excessive mud or debris.

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